Lessons for Preschool Pianists

Your preschooler is full of energy.

Or maybe very shy.

Will they behave in class?

Will they even like piano class?

No need to worry!

Our preschool classes are beautifully organized with activities that preschoolers delight in while parents can enjoy 60 minutes of adult talk or alone time with the phone.

Best of all, students gently learn about what is acceptable in a group setting and when playing the piano with others. Both are essential skills for a life in community and music making.

Preschool pianists develop confidence by

  • playing the piano at each class,
  • learning the names of the piano keys,
  • learning to sing on pitch,
  • keeping a steady beat, and
  • performing at recital.

Ease your stress about how your little one will behave.

Music might just be the missing ingredient of your busy day.

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“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my son learn the early concepts of music and watching him track notes on piano and paper before he’s even five! I highly recomment this fun class for preschoolers.”

Karla D., Keene, Texas