Music for Babies & Toddlers


Today you have this cuddly bundle of “yumminess” in your arms and you want to shower them with the best.  You’ve heard it said that music will make them smarter, brighter, maybe even smarter than all the other kids.  What should you do?  Who should you call? Time is running out! They grow up so fast!

Fortunately Dorla’s Piano Studio offers  a “Music for Babies”  and  a “Music for Toddlers” class! In this class you and your child will sing, dance, and play with music joining other children and their parents, 30 minutes for 12 weeks.  Each student takes home a Family Music packet which includes a CD with all the songs sung in class. Call 817-832-8578 for tuition details.

“But I can’t really sing”, I hear you say. So what? Your voice is the voice your baby wants to hear.  It is the voice they know.  It is the voice that has surrounded them since conception.  When you join the class your  your listening skills will improve and it will definitely aid your ability to sing on pitch.  Don’t be shy! the most important thing to do right now is to sing to your baby. Enjoy it. Love it. Make it a ritual.  Make a connection.  A connection that will last a lifetime.  This is the beginning of music education.

To put your name on the waiting list or to register click here.