Preschool Piano Summer Video Week 2

Materials needed: blank paper, crayons, piano with at least 1 pedal.

2 Songs

Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

1 Get Up and Move!

1 Space Composition

Press down the pedal and compose a song that sounds like floating in outer space!

Finger Numbers

Learn your finger numbers

1 Coloring Page

  • Find the coloring page with a right hand on it.
  • Trace the hand.
  • Trace the finger numbers.
  • Trace the letters in Clara Schumann’s name.

1 Masterpiece

“Mars” composed by Gustav Holst

1 Visit to The Sydney Orchestra

Learn about the instruments of the orchestra.

1 Writing Activity

You will need paper and crayons for writing your notes.

Just For Fun

A 28 minute video about living in space. The first 5 minutes are the best 🙂

The End

Let’s sing goodbye…