Pianist 2: Week 3

Welcome to Week 3

Day 1

  • Practice the A minor scale.
  • Watch and then practice the left hand part of “Stix & Stones”
  • Play the complete left hand of “Stix & Stones” with only one finger!
  • Listen and learn about the composer of the month.
  • Play a Music Game: Composer Map
  • Review 2 “old songs” from your piano binder. Make sure they are different from the ones you chose on week 1 and 2.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

  • Practice the A minor, C major and G major scales.
  • Practice “Stuck on Repeat” hands together.
  • Practice “Stix & Stones” hands together.
  • Choose 2 “old songs” from your piano binder and review.
  • Watch and learn about composer John Williams.

Day 5

  • Practice C and G major scale and A minor scale.
  • Play ““Stix & Stones” hands together, with a minimum amount of mistakes (2?).
  • Review “Stuck on Repeat”.
  • Review “When Teach Ain’t Lookin”.
  • Watch and listen – Scooch
  • Just for fun… learn about 5 levels of Harmony

Send Ms. Dorla a video or audio file of you playing “Stuck on Repeat”.