Pianist 2: Week 4

Day 1

Day 2

  • Practice C major scale, separate hands.
  • Watch and the practice tip #3.
  • Practice the first page of “Scooch” separate hands.
  • Watch video for “Scooch” and follow along in your book. Do not try to play it. Just follow along with your eyes and pointer finger 🙂
  • Listen and Learn about a composer.
  • Watch this piano battle – just for fun!

Day 3

  • Practice major scales C and G Major.
  • Review “Stuck on Repeat
  • Practice “Scooch” all the way to measure 31 on page 5, separate hands.
  • Make your first attempt at playing the first page of “Scooch”, hands together.
  • Watch and learn how fun it can be to change the notes in a scale from minor to major!
  • Play a Music Game: Musical Terms.

Day 4

  • Review 2 old songs from your piano binder.
  • Watch and listen to “Scooch'”.
  • Watch practice tip #4 for “Scooch”
  • Work on playing page 4 and 5 of “Scooch”, separate hands.
  • This is a cool video with the Piano Guys and Random Acts.

Day 5

  • Scooch practice tip #5
  • Learn measure 32 – 39 of “Scooch”.
  • Scooch practice tip #6.
  • Work on learning page 7 and 8 of “Scooch”.
  • Play “Scooch” from the beginning, hands together, slowly.

Text Ms. Dorla and tell her you completed Week 4