Sing a story!

We all know the benefits of reading to children.  But did you know that if you sing a story you can enhance the expressiveness, humor and memory of the story? Traditional folk songs from many countries preserve stories in their children’s songs and were the primary way to keep these stories alive before the printing press arrived.

Most of us have heard a version of “The Old Woman and The Pig” or “Michael Finnegan” and can greatly remember the tale because of the fun we had singing them.

So why not cuddle under the blanket with a good song story book?  Start out with a song story that you know well – using a book helps if you are a little self-conscious just singing the tale.  A book will also help your little ones to sing the story themselves.

Here are a few to get you started, but remember: no musical accompaniment is needed. Just simple expressive story telling in song!