Why students don’t practice

As I reviewed “The Practice Revolution” by Philip Johnston, I thought it would be a good idea to share his reasons of why students don’t practice.  Read below and check to see if any of these could be lurking around your home.

  1. Time Management Skills – there is not a set time for daily practice.
  2. Reading Problems – note reading that is… for those who have started reading music. And for my students this is equivalent to not using the Practice CD.
  3. Lack of parental help– At Dorla’s Piano Studio (DPS) parents are required to practice with their child at least up to book 4. Those in book 4, 5 and 6 should have a parent check that they have accomplished everything on the weekly assignment page.
  4. Parental Interference – at DPS that would mean parents who fail to attend the last 15 minutes of class and then confuse the child at home.
  5. A week with wings – children are soooo busy nowadays that it seems as if time flies.  If piano practice is not on the schedule it will not get done.
  6. Impossible Workload – if you feel the weekly assignments are too much for your child – make sure you let me know ASAP!  Your child might be in the wrong class.
  7. Not clear on what they are hoping to achieve – have you checked the assignment book?  If you do not understand – give me a call!
  8. Discovering that practice doesn’t work – WHAT!!? If your child comes to class excited about his/her practice at home and leaves class unhappy, and you do not know why….then we need to have a parent/teacher conference today!  I need to make sure you are both understanding what is required at home each week.

Practice is 50% of the learning process. If things are not working out at home – let’s talk about it soon.