Student Spotlight – Jasmin Jones

Jasmin Jones, age 11, grade 6 at KAES.
Years at Dorla’s Piano Studio – 3
Group Class – Music Makers: At the Keyboard Book 5
Composition title – Happy Thunderstorm (C Major) by Jasmin Jones

What inspired you to compose Happy Thunderstorm?
“I was mad at my sister Veronica, so I went to the piano and started playing “Happy Thunderstorm” and it made me happy!”

Do you know any female composers?
None, except me!

Well, Jasmin, I promise to introduce you to a few more! Congratulations on your creativity and willingness to share! (Ms. Dorla)

Keyboard Gymnastics

Ten piano students have just finished participating in two Keyboard Gymnastics events: Creative Project which is my favorite and Sight reading which is nobody’s favorite.
The judge for this event was Irene Herr, Music and Drama teacher at KISD and former Keene Church choir director from when Ms. Dorla was not yet married (has it really been 20 years?)
Anyway, the students did a lovely job, their scores were good and I have kept their displays up at the Studio for this week, so that you can enjoy their hard work and maybe be inspired to participate next year.

Brian Evans- ” Awadagin Pratt”
Brandon Evans – “Scott Joplin”

Lauren Turk – “Music about Horses”

Kaylin Thurber – “Mozart’s Letters”

Vincent Davis – “The Lion King”

Christopher Turk – “Music and Computer Games”

Jasmin Jones – “Jean Phillipe Rameau”

Veronica Jones – “Classics with a Twist: Interpreted in Art”

Conestoga Blues

This is a miracle piece. In the Fall of 2007 Tyler began studying this piece and he had the most difficult time getting the rhythm right. For weeks he tried separate hands, with the metronome, without the metronome, playing by rote, tapping his foot, etc. and nothing seemed to work.
I finally gave up and assigned him a new piece. And wouldn’t you know? Tyler came back to the studio proclaiming that he could finally play Conestoga blues (Baily). I was doubtful, but I listened anyway, and was pleasantly surprised!
Congratulations Tyler on a job well done.