Spring Recital 2012

4 year old airline pilot handing out boarding pass (programs)

I always enjoy piano recitals especially when my students perform!  However, a few years ago I realized that I was maybe the only one enjoying the recitals.  Who wants to hear 30 different pianists you have never heard of? Plus you don’t even recognize the pieces they play!  So when I moved to my new studio I decided to have several recitals in which only 8 to 10 students perform. THAT was a great idea.

recital certificate inside passport for each student

This year thanks to TeachPianoToday I decided to do a little extra.  Last year a seriously fun music educator shared her Mission: Music incentive, I prepared it for my students, they participated excitedly during the year and I used a travel theme to tie in their challenges around the world map with the recital.

cake pops and water: refreshments for a musical day

 It was a lot more work than usual because of decorating (which my mom and friends did…), baking cake pops (my mom did this too…), decorating 150 cake pops (I did this at 5 am…with my mom…), printing boarding passes for 5 recitals, printing passports, and so much more!  However, the children enjoyed  the extras and many parents shared lovely comments.

at the piano

Now the Spring semester is over.  Time to finalize plans for the summer session and plan ahead for Fall.

Thanks everyone for a lovely musical year!

3:00 pm recital

Little Lights for Jesus in Cleburne Times Review

Little Lights for Jesus performed at the Joshua Crossroads Church this morning and did a beautiful job. At the end of the service a gentleman came up to ask me if this was the same choir that was in the newspaper. What? We were in the paper? Yes! that was us! We sang at Walls Hospital last Wednesday and a reporter had asked me a few questions so I knew there was a possibility of us being mentioned.

I have not read the paper yet, but as soon as I came home I looked on the website and they have a VIDEO with snippets of our children singing away! And they sound good too!

Take a look! http://www.cleburnetimesreview.com/videos/local_story_112190510.html