Composer of the Month: FREDERIC CHOPIN

Frederic Chopin was a piano teacher and one of the greatest pianists of his time. He started playing the piano at age four, his first piano teacher being his older sister Louisa, who was seven.

Chopin was famous for his beautiful piano pieces and he enjoyed entertaining his friends at small dinner parties at home. It is said that one concert was played by moonlight because a moth had fallen into the lamp and extinguished the flame.

Chopin was born in Poland almost two hundred years ago and died at age 39, of tuberculosis. His piano music is still very popular today. Click on the video below to see and hear one sample of his compositions.

Text based on the book “Lives of the Musicians” by Kathleen Krull

Introducing: Composer of the Month

Do you understand classical music and its composers?
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In order to increase your music history knowledge, Dorla’s Pianoblog will share bite-sized pieces of information about a composer each month. You may use this to amuse yourself, share with your child or just to find out what was happening a few centuries ago in the music world.

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