Mighty Musicians


Click on any of these titles below to sing along or watch a video!

Mighty Musicians theme song

Morning Light

Dark, Dark Night

Morning Mood (piano melody only)

Morning Mood Video

In the Hall of the Mountain King (as sung in our class!)

In The Hall of the Mountain King Video


Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (as sung in class)

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Video

Traffic Tangle

Crossing the Street


Simple Gifts (as sung in class)

Simple Gifts video

C Major 5 Finger Scale


Music for the Royal Fireworks (as sung in class)

Music for the Royal Fireworks video

1812 Overture video

Fireworks Show (video for piano practice)


Aaron Copland’s  Rodeo (video)

RODEO lesson (print this if you missed class)

CDE worksheet (print this if you missed class)

Five Old Cowboys (video for piano practice)