Group Piano Q & A

group piano boys
Over the years parents have wonderered about group piano lessons. Here is a short FAQ page that may answer these questions.
1. When is the best age to enroll in group piano?
For preschoolers group piano is a magical and playful way to discover the world of music. Likewise, elementary school age beginners and even those who’ve had previous experience, benefit from the structure, friendship and growth that group piano offers!

2.  Do you finish the book in one semester?
 Each student in class works at his/her own pace in technique and application to the songs being learned. One book is normally completeted in one school year. 

3.  Aren’t private lessons better than group?
 If you’re child enjoys making memories with friends and meeting them in a safe friendly environment, group piano lessons are ideal. At the same time the group environment lends itself to the opportunity to include additional musical activities such as “piano band” and piano games.
Private piano lessons are recommended for those students who are willing to commit to 5 -10 hours of practice each week.

4.  How are the students grouped?
At Dorla’s Piano Studio preschoolers are grouped by age, then starting at age 8 students join a Mixed Age Class that most fits their needs. In the Mixed Age class each student works at his/her own keyboard to complete the assignments under the teacher’s guidance.

5.  What do you do if the pace of one student varies greatly from the rest? 
That’s the beauty of the Mixed Age class! Each student in class works at his/her own pace in technique and application to the songs being learned at his/her own level.

6.  Do parents watch, or are kids dropped off?
 Parents are always welcome to stay during class, however I ask that they do not interrupt, interact or talk while in the classroom.  Normally parents stayed outdoors and created their own social gathering.  
What are your concerns about group piano?