Summer Piano Part 1


Once again piano teachers are faced with the dilemma of what to offer at their studios during the summer! Many teachers take the summer off and many of us need to keep working in order to pay rent/lease on our buildings.  Yet others have figured out how to earn a steady income for all 12 months!

However, not all communities are the same.  Each teacher must find what works for the families they serve.  Unless, of course, you have just moved into a community and are trying to attract new students, you will have to try different things before deciding what works best.

Here are some ideas for Summer Piano:

  1. Private Lessons – Choose the weeks, days and hours you want to teach during the summer.  Multiply by your lesson rate, add the cost of  any materials needed, mix with a lot of flexibility plus require full payment at registration.  Click here to see my plan.
  2. Piano Camp – There are so many ideas you can find online in order to plan your piano camp! I started creating my own back in 2004 and held one or two camps each summer for 6 years. It was a lot of work – so I took a 3 year break and now I am ready for my next piano camp.  Instead of creating my own I decided to have the students be involved in an “operetta”. Mayron Cole has done an excellent job at putting a musical together that I can use to involve my students in different aspects of making music together.  Piano skills will not matter. In previous years I have had games, crafts, etc. and I wanted to do something different this year.
  3. Worship Music Camp – Way back in 2005 when hymns were still sung in our local church I had a group of pre-teens learning how to play hymns and create accompanying tracks on the Roland sequencer.  Eight years later I have a request to have a group of 12 – 14 year old girls learn how to lead worship and accompany the singing at church.  I have not finalized the resources we will use but I am making my decision while looking through The Easy Worship Fake Book, Top Praise & Worship Instrumental Solos and
  4. Group Piano Lessons – for beginners. An introduction to piano for those who are not quite sure if they want to commit to  a 15 week semester or just want to “try” piano lessons to see if they like it.  Alfred’s Basic Group Piano ,  Musikgarten’s Keyboard Introduction (teacher training recommended) and Music Discoveries are programs that I have used successfully.
  5. Pre-Piano– piano instruction for preschoolers can be attached to  a theme or offered in private sessions. Musikgarten’s At The Seashore and Nature’s Music themes are excellent resources for group instruction. Wunderkeys is a lot of fun for 3 year olds in private lessons and I have also used it with a group of 3 students in Book 1.

What is your favorite idea or resource for summer piano at your studio?