Favorite Piano Websites

Last year I shared my view on Those Other Piano Teachers out there.  Today I add a few more sites to the ones mentioned in that post.

1. Composecreate.com – was one of the first sites that I started to follow a few years ago.  I’ve used many of Wendy’s resources and she always has one more to share!  The best part is that I met her last month in Dallas and that was just icing on the cake!  If you need business advice for you and your studio this is the site to visit.

2. Colorinmypiano.com – Joy has so many great ideas and so many other teachers are connected to her site!  She has great ideas on organization, motivation and reports from different music conferences.

3. 88pianokeys.me – Leila is a fine teacher in Colorado whom I met in Dallas this summer.  She gave me the final “push” I needed to reinstate the piano computer lab in my studio.  She has very good lists of apps you can use as you teach and very informative posts on jazz, technology and how to set yourself apart from other studios.

4. Pianimation.com – When August comes around  I make sure I do not miss Jennifer’s site.  Her incentive programs are the best! Last year my studio followed her Mission: Music challenge and parents are already asking what will the plan be for this year.  Jennifer also has a plethora of piano theory games to suit everyone’s tastes.

5. SusanParadis.com – This website is another one  that I visit over and over again.  Her picture scales are fantastic and free!  MAny music games and piano repertoire are shared on this site.  Don’t forget to donate!

6. Pianoanne.blogspot.com – Last year I used Piano Discoveries with my beginning students as a supplement for group piano and with others as a summer introduction to piano. Barnyard Friends is a great workbook for introducing the staff and the games and videos that complement it are fabulous and free!  Consider making a donation if you use it!

7. Pianoadventures.com – If you use the Piano Adventures piano method this resource is chock full of information. Interact with other teachers, watch videos and just saturate yourself with the Faber’s piano pedagogy.

8. Musicteachershelper.com – I’ve been waiting for this website for the last 10 years! I finally have all my studio information in one place, and accessible anywhere I go. Bookkeeping, studio information, student access, calendar, reminders, assignments sent via email or accessible online, etc. There is a monthly fee – but worth every penny and increases or decreases depending on how many students you will you it for.

9. Teachpianotoday.com – I believe I have purchased everything Andrea and Trevor Dow have to offer on their website!  They are both so creative.  Fearless Fortissimo is a comic book for boys – in which they play the music that tells the story in the comic book.  How awesome is that?  Last year I used bits and pieces of it but this year it will be used as the main repertoire for several boys and then they plan to share it in a recital for boys and their families.  They are already asking about episode 3!

10. Keystoimagination.com – Leila from 88pianokeys.me introduced me to this site when we were talking about computer labs.  There are many other resources on this site, but Studio Makeover Technology Addition is the ebook I purchased and it definitively helped get my thoughts straightened out about what and how to set up the computer lab.

11. Pianoteacherschool.com – It’s amazing how many resources are available to new piano teachers! I have not enrolled in any of the classes but I have read Kristi’s book (and met her at SMU!) and she is one of those amazing young piano teachers who think out of the box.  Refreshing!

Well, that is my list.  It will grow in the next few months and that is exactly what I want!

Would you like to share your favorite sites?