No More Dead Composers!



This is was my motto for about a week.

I was trying to find new repertoire to practice and thinking about an audience that would want to listen.  My audience (family, friends, students) seem quite young or not interested in Classical music. A few even believe Beethoven was just a dog in a movie when I mention the name!

That’s when I decided to only practice music of musicians that are alive. John Lunn (Downton Abbey Suite) and Yiruma (White Shadow) were my choices and I have enjoyed every minute of their music.

And now? I feel like I’ve been eating sweets all week.  Downton Abbey is a fine piece of music and the piano score is great.  But it really needs to be connected to the PBS series.  And White Shadows? Well, it is a beautiful piece but it’s missing some meat and potatoes…


So I pulled out Schubert’s Fantasie in f minor (4 hands) and I have the privilege of playing with Murray Perahia and Radu Lupu on my iPhone.  This piece has a lot of meat and potatoes and is a great mix of repertoire with Lunn and Yiruma.

But wait! Schubert is dead! (1828 to be exact…)

As I said at the beginning of this post.  That was my motto for a week!