Happy New Year!

Being an Independent Piano Teacher is very rewarding.  However, being an Independent Piano Teacher is a lot of work. Even though my husband takes care of the studio bills, yard maintenance and anything else required from a a handy man, I still have to schedule the students, plan the lessons for the different age groups, order books, plan a yearly incentive, organize all the studio stuff, sweep and mop the floors, vacuum the rug, and clean the bathroom!

Oh wait…I also need to teach…

So here is what I have planned so far for this New Year:

Pre-piano 2 will be  singing and dancing through Musikgarten’s Music Makers: Around the World and Sing and Play for the piano introduction part of the class.

Group Piano 1 will be using  Music Makers: At The Keyboard book 1 and Music Discoveries for a little bit more of theory and pre-reading skills.

Group Piano 2 and 3 will be working on Music Makers: At The Keyboard book 2 or 3 and A Dozen a Day Mini Book or Preparatory level for additional reading exercises.

This year, because my Group Piano 4 has had some changes, I’ve decided to transition them into a traditional note reading method book while continuing aural activities, singing and dancing.  The Mayron Cole method will be the core of this class.

The rest of my planning is for private piano students.  Most of them prepare for The Piano Guild  which would be their classical music repertoire, A Dozen a Day (listed above), a book of fun repertoire/recital pieces, and a worship song book.  Those who are not preparing for a specific medal (GUILD) have different classical repertoire books such as Mastering the Piano or Kabalevsky’s Opus 39.

Would you like to share your piano plans?