At The Seashore

What a delightful resource Musikgarten has published!

I have adapted this summer curriculum for 4 one-hour classes once a week in the month of July.  Ages in this summer’s class range from 4 to 7 and during our first class they connected very well.  Even though I have taught this curriculum several times, each time I change it up a little based on the experiences of previous years.

This year instead of a gigantic seashore display I quickly put together a seashore in a box (above) with sand from Florida, different types of shells, a starfish and a seahorse.  The plan is to change the items each week.

I use beach buckets to store their poster, beach towel, crafts, etc. for the day. They do not take it home until the last day of class.  However, they do take home their CD and parent booklet.


After an hour of singing, playing the piano and moving like seaweed we turned on the water got wet and had a fun snack of blue Hawaiian Punch and Goldfish.

Come join us next week!