Rebuild Your Studio This Month

new home

Summer is officially here.  You are  teaching less students. Days are longer.  Time to make changes!

What? No money?  Then here is a list of things to do to make life easier once Fall comes around:

  • Deep cleaning – When was the last time you cleaned the nooks and crannies of your teaching space? I’m talking about sweeping, mopping, dusting and bug spray.  Are the windows clean? Window sills dusted? Look up at the ceiling fans.  Do they have cute little dust balls? Gross.  If you need ideas of how to keep your space clean, read this.
  • Back door as seen when you are in the music room.

  • Classroom supplies – Pencils, markers, crayons, paper, etc. Does everything have a place?
  • Dorla's office

  • Pianos – Are the keyboards clean and disinfected? Dusted? What solutions are safe? Click here.


    keyboard lab 

  • Office – Do you know where your registration forms are?  What about the brochures for the different classes you offer? Where do you keep your “Bills to Pay”? Are your finances in order? What about your lesson plans, are they organized?
  • music library

  • Online presence – Website, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Yahoo groups, Youtube. Do you need them all?  I DO have them all and most of the time I think they are a hassle.  What am I doing about it? Reading Simple Blogging and putting the simple mindset into practice.

Even though these are just a few suggestions, the point is that you can rebuild your studio just by working with what you already have.  Maintain it.  Have pride in it.  Organize a little every day.  In a month you will have a rebuilt studio – from the inside out!