Attracting Adult Piano Students

Adult piano students can be the best group of students you will ever teach.
They have their own transportation, pay their own bills, are responsible for their own practice and are taking lessons because they WANT to.
How many times have you heard: “When I was 9 my parents let me quit piano and wish I had stuck with it”?  These are the adults that willingly enroll their children in lessons (for the long run) or enroll themselves for lessons.
After an eight year dry spell from teaching adults, I decided to start again, this time using Musikgarten‘s adult method.  It is written to be used in a comfortable group setting where your students will not feel embarrassed to sing, move and enjoy.
Here is what I did to attract adult piano students:

Free classes with strings attached.

Classes are free unless you miss a class – that is the class you pay for.  At the time of registration you hand over a check for $160 – the book/cd are paid for separately with check or cash.  Every time you are absent, for any reason, I earn $20.  At the end of the 8 weeks I will return your check or write you a new one if you were ever absent. Simple.  You probably won’t make any money those first eight weeks, but now you have a group of students who WANT to return because they learned so much and you are such a fabulous teacher!

Did it work? I have offered it twice and it worked beautifully both times.  I have only offered this when starting a new class.  But they signed up for 3 more sessions and now  half of them are still taking private lessons at my studio.

If you already teach using the Musikgarten piano curriculum, it will be an easy transition to the adult method.  If you are new to this fantastic program – go for the training!