Piano Teacher Challenge!

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So, dear piano teachers…how many of us practice every day? You know, like what we expect our piano students to do? I know some of you perform every week in church or give a recital once a year.  But what about the rest of us? Your piano skills might not be of the concert pianist caliber, but are you maintaining and polishing the skills you have?
This is exactly what I was thinking this morning on that darn treadmill!

So I decided to challenge myself. For many years I have been relying on my ability to sightread easily – and fake it – through easy pieces.  But today I am challenging myself to play 12 scales and a new sonata or sonatina every day – for 30 days!

If you need to bring back some discipline into your piano practice, join me!  I will keep myself accountable by posting my progress every day.

Off to the piano I go!

Day 1