Will Music Lessons Make My Child Smarter?

Smarter than the kid next door? NO.  Smarter than a year ago? YES.

I remember way back in the 1990’s the “Mozart Effect” was all the rage.  I bought the book by Don Campbell. Parents of the children I was teaching bought the book. I recommended it to many.  One of the parents enrolling in a newborn Baby Notes class wanted to bring her child EVERY DAY to music class, in order to provide the best advantage!

The research done by Dr. Frances Rauscher, a psychologist,”reported that listening to Mozart’s music improved spatial reasoning” (click here for the NPR story). There were many discussions about this at music conferences and especially over dinner, and my question was: How is it possible that just because I am a musician, I am smarter than my dad, a chemist? or smarter than my husband, an accountant? smarter than my sister, a journalist? smarter than my mother, a psychologist? smarter than my brother, a computer whiz? and the list goes on and on.

So here is what I believe.  Music is one of multiple intelligences  and by activating it with music lessons your child’s mind will begin a remarkable journey of creativity that will enrich their learning environment and the quality of their behavior skills.

Because our music programs are carefully crafted to provide this strong foundation through music and because the caliber of our teachers is the best, you will love the smile on your little one’s face as they blossom into their best.

If you’ve already scheduled a visit to the Studio, we can’t wait to see you! However, if you haven’t don’t be shy! Call us and let us know when you would like to come and observe!

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