Comprehensive Musicianship at the Keyboard


“The goal of [our group piano classes] is to lead children to true music literacy by means of a comprehensive musicianship course which holistically addresses both the child and the music.  Comprehensive musicianship denotes an appreciation of many facets of music – performance and improvisation (playing by ear, playing from memory, and playing from score); an understanding of rhythm, melody, harmony, and form; and an acquaintance with the historical and theoretical contexts of music.

This method offers children the gift of active and thinking music-making.  Children are offered many ways to express themselves through music- by playing the keyboard, singing, responding to music through dance, and enjoying the community of group music making.  In addition to the joy which comes from making music, they also experience the sheer enjoyment that comes from listening to great music”.

(from Music Makers: At The Keyboard, Year 2 Teacher’s Guide p. 7)