Why include poetry in music class?

keys and book

Musikgarten uses the poetry of Aileen Fisher, for its unique ability to express a child’s perceptions of the natural world.  It is appealing to parents and children alike because of the childlike quality in the imagery it evokes, its expressive nature, and the sheer beautiful use of language.

In today’s world, language is often used incorrectly.  Even when there are no mistakes, language is rarely used beautifully.  Your children are in one of the most important periods of language development, building their expressive vocabularies based largely on the language they hear around them. That is why it is particularly important that we take every opportunity to model using our language beautifully, and Aileen Fisher’s poetry gives us the chance to do just that.

The poetry of Ms. Fisher ties in contextually with the Music Makers: At Home lessons, and her poems are often short enough for some of the older children to memorize.  Some of the longer poems are perfect for reciting slowly and exploring the movements suggested by the text, as we do in My Homeplace unit.   And still others, are just meant to be listened to, enjoying the sound of beautiful language being used expressively.

(this article is based on MK notes from J. Hannagan)