How can I help my child practice at home?


  1. Don’t attempt to teach your child topics not covered by the teacher or in a way not presented by the teacher.

Why not:

My teaching approaches are based on the results of years of research in piano pedagogy (the science of teaching). Many of the practices used in years past have been demonstrated to be ineffective in producing good pianists and good music readers. The older methods had a 90% drop-out rate; those of us who survived (including me!) did so in spite of some of the practices, not because of them. We want our students to benefit from the much higher success rates produced by these newer approaches.

What to do instead: Review with your child the assignments given in class and ensure that the child completes them. If your child needs help at home, make sure that your comments match what the teacher presented at the lesson. Also, if your child is not able to practice effectively without substantial guidance, I need to know so email me as soon as possible.