Bad Habits that slow down the student’s progress …

#1. Writing finger numbers or solfege/note names in the music (unless specifically assigned to do so.)
Why not?:
One of the most important tasks the student must learn is that of reading music by sight. Writing finger numbers or solfege/note names in is perhaps the most destructive thing a student or parent can do to prevent the student from learning to read music. It’s as harmful as taking a spelling test in school with the spelling book open. When it occurs, the books have to be replaced with clean copies that do not contain the numbers or note names.

What to do instead:
Be sure the student is faithful in completing written assignments in their book. Do the listening exercises as often as possible. Use the rhythmic and tonal cards when instructed. Follow the practice procedures presented in the lesson, including the five part song process used on the practice CD. When practicing the reading piece, use only the printed music without any “crutches.” If an unknown note is encountered, use the note reading strategies presented in the lesson.