Music Conservatory – Costa Rica

This is the building for music students at the SDA university in Costa Rica, UNADECA, the only SDA university in Central America.

I was shocked! This used to be the home of one of my friends! (The house I grew up in is also now a classroom). Now it is the music department – no renovations. Ok, ok, maybe some new paint here and there. Ironically, it is located in front of my parents home in Costa Rica. Just like my home and my studio in Keene…

What is most shocking is that this music department owns 2 out-of-tune upright pianos that have probably been there since my youth, a couch, a few chairs. The building includes 2 more empty rooms and a restroom. This is very sad. This is the school (not the building) where I learned to play the piano, sing and love music. Why is music not a priority in our schools, Costa Rica or Keene?

I hear the old folks complain about the lack of people to play for church. Are they paying for someone to teach the new kids? I hear them complain about the quality of music and how everyone is now singing with a track. Who is teaching them otherwise?

Ok, so for alumni weekend I rehearsed with a group of ladies and it was good to remember the music we sang 20+ years ago (yikes!). But why have we all gone away and “improved” ourselves while leaving nothing for those who come after us? My first thought is to move back to Costa Rica and help pick up the pieces. There is so much to do. I wonder, will I forget about this when I return to my own studio in August in the hustle and bustle of my own teaching?