Music Makers Around the World

What a great way to learn music!

This year’s Pre-piano 2 class (for ages 5-7) just concluded a unit on Amerindian music and to celebrate we had our own version of a Pow-Wow.

It was so much fun for the children to “march” out of the Tee-pee with their flags during the Grand Entry, perform a Hoop Dance and Scarf Dance, plus interpret a song with sign language followed by playing an ostinato at the keyboard while singing the Canoe Song. And THEN the feast!
Cornbread muffins, cornbread casserole, pumpkin cake, popcorn, cranberries and nuts, pinolillo and rice pudding.

You might be asking, did these children LEARN anything? Yes! and here are just a few items: syncopated rhythm patterns in duple meter, minor melodic patterns, discovery of these patterns in a music score, piano keyboard topography, and staying on task during instrumental ensemble.

Thank you parents for doing your part at home and dancing with us in class! And to those of you who have not decided if you would like your child to join, come visit one of our classes. I am sure you will agree this is a great way to learn music!