Please read the Studio Policy carefully.  Your payment to Dorla’s Piano Studio indicates that you have read and understood this policy.

Studio Calendar

You may take a look at the current calendar by login into your studio account.
Please Note: There are no reimbursements for missed lessons and tuition is never adjusted unless the teacher cannot provide the promised number of lessons.


There is an annual non-refundable registration fee of $120 due at the time of registration which reserves your spot on the teaching schedule, pays for piano books, lesson materials and recital awards.

Tuition installments are due the 1st of the month.

Dorla’s Piano Studio accepts Checks, Cash, and Credit/Debit (Paypal).  Online invoices will be sent. However, autopay through Paypal will be automatically set up the first time you put in your credit card information or bank account.

Please make arrangements with your bank to send your payment directly to Dorla’s Piano Studio.

Tuition does not include the cost of music and is covered by the registration fee.

  • $20 Late Fee for all payments received past the 10th of the month
  • $30 Fee for all NSF Checks
  • Forgot your payment? Pay online or drop-off/mail payment to avoid the late fee.
  • Should something come up where you cannot financially fulfill your commitment to your lessons, advanced notice and open, ongoing communication is appreciated and encouraged!

Missed Lessons

  • Students who are ill SHOULD NOT attend lessons. If you are too sick to attend school, you are too sick to attend your lesson. Please notify the teacher by 12pm if you cannot attend. Private students who are mildly ill can schedule a FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangout lesson during their regular time.
  • Students enrolled in Mixed Age Group Lessons may join another Mixed age class if  a lesson has been missed.
  • Inclement Weather – If the Keene Independent School District cancels classes because of inclement weather, Dorla’s Piano Studio will also close.  Make up lessons will not be given.

Other Lesson Options for Students:

  • Online Lessons on Zoom: Mildly sick? No way to get to lessons? This is a valuable way to keep your individual lesson time and avoid rescheduling.
  • If the Teacher Must Cancel Lessons (this happens very rarely), students will be offered group lessons to make up for the missed lesson(s), or tuition may be prorated.

At Home

Students who are enrolled in piano lessons for fun have no practice requirements. If a faster learning pace is expected, daily practice (7 days) of 10-30 minutes is recommended. Student’s piano books are marked with sticky tabs as a reminder of what to practice at home.

Students who have more specific goals in mind for their progress will be given weekly practice times that must be completed each week.

Studio Events

Piano parties are scheduled once  during the semester and take the place of a regular piano lesson. Students join other piano students in a group setting to perform, play theory games  and participate in a piano band!

Recitals offer students a great sense of accomplishment and pride for their hard work. They also help them learn the importance of setting and achieving goals. Students at Dorla’s Piano Studio will be given the opportunity to participate in a recital in the month of February.

Photographs, videos, Facebook, Instagram, and other marketing

Pictures and videos of your student participating in various activities at Dorla’s Piano Studio might be used to promote the Studio. Your tuition payment is your signature of agreement. If you do not wish for your child to appear in any of these promotions, please talk to Ms. Dorla ASAP.

Where does my tuition go?

All independent music teachers (IMTs) differ in methods of operation. However, the tuition of nearly all teachers covers the following:

  • Time spent with the student
    Lessons, performance classes, group lessons.
  • Time spent in preparation for the student
    Trips to the music store, lesson planning, bookkeeping, development of curriculum, etc. It has been cited by professional music journals that for every hour enrolled in piano lessons, you are investing in at least 2 hours of the teachers time!
  • Your teacher’s training and experience
  • Recital costs and preparations
    Programs, refreshments, facility rental.
  • Professional organization memberships. Memberships are maintained by the teacher to enhance their teaching skills and provide the student with opportunities for festivals, competitions, and performance events.
  • Professional journals
    Publications to assist the teacher in keeping current on new teaching materials and trends.
  • Studio expenses
    Copying, computer software, incentive programs, instruments, tunings, repairs, newsletters.
  • Music books and CDs
    Materials purchased by the teacher to keep costs low for students.
  • Property taxes, self-employment taxes, insurance, business licenses, retirement
    The IMT has no corporation to assist in providing health and life insurance by matching funds. Tuition helps cover the increased living costs of your self-employed teacher.
  • Continuing education
    Lessons and classes that keep the teacher current on methods and techniques
  • Certification costs
    Professional IMTs pay to be re-certified every five years provided they have met all the continuing education and studio requirements.  This keeps the teacher accountable to a professional organization.
  • Book and music club memberships
    This enables many discounts to be passed to students.

How do I know if music lessons are worth the price?

Shop around! Not every teacher is right for every student. You will want to be sure that your music teacher provides the things that are important to you as well as those that are important to the student’s musical development.

Start by interviewing several music teachers to learn more about their:
Goals and Expectations
Philosophies of music education
Teaching experience
Studio Policy

Above all, find out how they demonstrate commitment to excellence in music education.  No price can be put on such a beautiful art as music, but by investing in your child’s music education, you can provide them with a skill they will enjoy for a lifetime!