Non-refundable Registration Fee

The annual registration fee is due at the time of enrollment or June 1, for current students. This non-refundable deposit will guarantee your place on the teaching schedule. Your registration fee, per child, will cover the cost of music books for the Fall and Winter/Spring semesters, classroom supplies and performances. Registration fees do not cover Guild or cost of any lessons.

Family Music

Music for Babies and Music for Toddlers

When you join this class you and your child will sing, dance, and play with music together with other children and their parents.  Each student takes home a Family Music packet which includes a CD with all the songs sung in class. Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes.

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Piano Study Goals

Dorla’s Piano Studio offers the following tracks to help students attain their musical goals. Unless you (the parent) have a determined goal in mind for the student, Ms. Dorla will assign a track.  These tracks are not published or shared at the studio.  It is just one way for the parent and Ms. Dorla to know what is expected of the student.

Piano for Fun

This track is intended for all students for whom the study of piano is part of an already full and busy life.  The student can progress at his/her own pace, without the pressures of deadlines and outside evaluations. Students in this track will participate in weekly group lessons, learn to play in different contemporary styles such as pop, praise and worship and how to be part of a piano band. Preschoolers will enjoy weekly group piano exploration class that will prepare them for group piano and its many styles. All students are required to participate in the annual Piano Recital.


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Piano Specialist

This track is for the student who plays the piano with ease,  is willing to work harder and enrolls in a 30 minute weekly private lesson. The student will be expected to complete a more rigorous weekly assignment, perform monthly at the Nursing Home in Keene or at his/her local church, participate in the National Piano Guild Auditions and Spring Piano Recital. Students will be expected to arrive at lessons fully prepared for the lesson by practicing 45 to 60 minutes, daily for at least 5 days, throughout the week.  Students who repeatedly arrive unprepared (for example: without music books, theory work is incomplete or practice assignments not completed) will be placed in the less demanding group class under the Piano For Fun track.

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Piano Artist

This track is for the serious musician.  To accomplish everything that needs to be addressed at each lesson, the student must take a 45 minute lesson.  Very young students (as determined by the teacher) may opt for a 30 minute lesson. The student will be expected to practice 10 hours a week and even more as they move into more advanced repertoire.  He/she will be expected to participate in National Guild Auditions, Spring Piano Recital and perform at the Nursing Home in Keene or local church at least once a month. Students will be expected to arrive at lessons, with all necessary materials, having fully prepared for the lesson by consistent practice throughout the week. If a student habitually arrives ill-prepared (for example: without music books, theory work is incomplete or evident lack of practice) or does not sufficiently prepare or participate in studio events, such as Spring Recital and Guild, the student will be placed in the less demanding Piano Specialist track.


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Piano Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to students who have shown to have above average musicality and are not able to pay the regular fees. Scholarship goals insure that the student’s musicality is developed, shared with the community and marked by excellence. Families who wish to be considered for a scholarship must request and fill application during the month of March. Private lessons will be 30 minutes (no piano lab). Each scholarship student MUST perform once a month at the Keene Nursing Home (3rd Saturday of the month), or at church  services at any of the local churches as a soloist or accompanist. Preparation of 10 or more memorized pieces and participation in the National Piano Guild Auditions is required (Spring) in the Studio Recital. Enrollment in Summer Piano Camp or Summer Private Lessons is required. Weekly challenges must be overcome by the next lesson  and compliance with the above items will determine if the student may continue receiving the scholarship discount the following semester.

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Tuition prices are the same for private or group lessons.  Your payment is always due at the time of registration and on the 1st of the month, if you prefer to pay in monthly installments.  Monthly payments must be scheduled through your bank or Paypal to avoid incurring late fees.

Please call me 817-832-8578 for tuition prices.




Each student is expected to participate in at least  one performance per year, the annual Piano Recital. However, students following the Piano For Fun track will be invited to participate if suitably prepared (and I strive to have every student prepared!)

 Piano Guild

All students are encouraged to participate in the National Guild Auditions in the Spring. Students following the Piano Specialist, Piano Artist  tracks are expected to participate. Piano Scholarship students are required to participate and prepare 10 pieces.
Student fees for participation in Guild are an additional expense that will be added to your Spring tuition.


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 Respect for Private Property

Students and their families must remain in the studio for lessons, in the waiting room or on the property directly in front of the studio (picnic table area).  Remember that you are on private property and that the neighbors’ property must be respected at all times.  This not only applies to the neighbor’s toys, animals, etc. but prohibits your children from going to the pond, or taking walks beyond the studio property without an adult. Thank you understanding.


 Inclement Weather/Illness/Make up lessons

When and if schools close because of inclement weather, lessons will be canceled.

Students who are ill should stay home until they are fully well.  Coming to the Studio for your lesson while you are sick will only spread germs and the student will probably not be able to concentrate and fully participate in his/her lesson. If student missed school because of illness then he/she should not come to piano lessons!

  There will be no refunds, credits or make-up classes for cancellations due to inclement weather or illness.  Make up lessons or credit will be given only when Ms. Dorla cancels a class due to illness or an emergency situation.


Pictures/Video/YouTube/Facebook /Instagram, etc.

When you register as a student of Dorla’s Piano Studio it will be understood that you agree to have your child’s picture taken for promotional purposes unless you specifically ask Mrs. Dorla not to. Children’s full names are never used and the pictures/videos will be related to activities pertaining to Dorla’s Piano Studio. ID-100197481

Where Does My Music Tuition Go?

Parents often ask what is the cost “per lesson”. Unfortunately Dorla’s Piano Studio does not offer a “per-lesson” fee.  I have chosen to make music my business and my occupation.  As with any business, costs are calculated to both ensure that the highest quality product is given and that the business makes enough profit to continue providing their services. All independent music teachers differ in methods of operation.  However, the tuition of nearly all teachers covers the following:

  • Time spent with student
  •  Time spent planning for student lessons
  •  Teaching and experience
  •  Shipping costs associated with music
  •  Sales, Property and other taxes
  •  High quality Instruments
  •  Upkeep of instruments
  • Professional Journals
  • Professional organization memberships
  • Music books and CD’s
  • Administrative upkeep
  • Bookkeeping
  •  Teacher certification
  • Teacher salary, retirement
  • Office Supplies
  • New Software to stay up-to-date
  •  Studio equipment

No price can be put on such a beautiful art as music, but by investing in your child’s music education, you can provide them with a skill they will enjoy for a lifetime! (text from composecreate website)

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revised 1/10/2017