Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most popular question we are asked at Dorla’s Piano Studio:

What can I expect?

  • Baby Piano – Each baby and toddler (from 0 up to age 3) will bring their favorite adult to join in a magical time of music.  The first few weeks the teacher will do most of the singing but you will find that as you become a part of our musical community,  singing and dancing with your child will be a terrific experience you won’t want to miss!  food, beverages and toys are not allowed.

  • Preschool Piano Class – (age 3 to 6) Independence is optional in this class! Parents might have to join the first few weeks as we play with music but once their imagination starts to flourish they will be totally engaged with storytelling at the piano.  Grown ups will be free to watch and treasure the moments or walk away for some coffee or tea!  Students are grouped by age.
  • Group Piano Lessons – Imagine a school classroom, each student sitting in front of a piano, instead of a desk! Better yet, reduce the amount of students in the classroom from 25 to 8. Suddenly, group piano lessons make sense! Students no only work on their individual songs with guidance from the teacher, but also are part of a “piano band” and enjoy piano games.


  • Private, Online or In Your Home Piano Lessons – students learn to play the piano in a 1:1 setting with the piano teacher.

What if I’ve never taken a music class before?

  • We hope to provide you with the best music experience ever!  We will have all your necessary books, instruments, CD’s, whatever is required, ready for you at your first lesson.  No previous preparation is needed!

What is the schedule for my age group?

Where are you located?

  • One of the best parts of coming to music class is the ample outdoor space children will have to run around and play after class! You might even get to spot the cats chasing a few birds or a glimpse of the chickens pecking away. Click here for the exact location off of Hwy. 67 in Keene.

What if I live more than 20 minutes away?

  • You can still come!  It is a privilege to have you join our studio and we will demonstrate it by providing you with only the best piano experience! Many students live in surrounding cities and may drive 30 minutes or more each week.

What happens if I miss a class?

  • If there is a matching class on another day you may schedule a make up. Piano students are always welcome to join another group session if a make up class is needed. Money is never returned due to missed classes.  Want to know more? Here is the Studio Policy with all the details.

Do I need to have a piano at home?

  • For ultimate progress students enrolled in Preschool piano and Group Piano classes should have a digital piano or acoustic (regular) piano at home where the songs learned in class can be repeated.  Students in Baby Piano classes do not need a piano at home.