Summer Piano Olympics 2010

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We had a great time during Summer Piano Olympics 2010, 4 days of synchronized playing, scale marathons and team musical sports.  Family members and friends joined us for the closing ceremonies which included  the award ceremony, procession of flags, synchronized keyboard performance and the passing of the Olympic torch. Congratulations to all!

Why include poetry in music class?

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Musikgarten uses the poetry of Aileen Fisher, for its unique ability to express a child’s perceptions of the natural world.  It is appealing to parents and children alike because of the childlike quality in the imagery it evokes, its expressive nature, and the sheer beautiful use of language. In today’s world, language is often used […]

Summer Piano Camp 2009

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Piano lessons do not only have to be about you at the piano and a scolding teacher in a chair beside you. Music making is most enjoyable in a group, even on electronic instruments and in the nature that surrounds us. If you always separate music from the real world it will become tired and […]

Summer Piano Camp – Week 1

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This was one of the best weeks ever for Piano Camp! Thank you parents and children. Enjoy the slide show… (48 pictures).