Recital Nightmare

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I am writing this on my first “Let it Go” day and wondering if there is anyone else out there that needs to “let it go”! I thought I had forgotten but the memory is still there. Every once in a while I go back to 1995,  disappointed, worried and discouraged.  It is one month […]

Rebuild Your Studio This Month

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Summer is officially here.  You are  teaching less students. Days are longer.  Time to make changes! What? No money?  Then here is a list of things to do to make life easier once Fall comes around: Deep cleaning – When was the last time you cleaned the nooks and crannies of your teaching space? I’m […]

Attracting Adult Piano Students

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Adult piano students can be the best group of students you will ever teach. They have their own transportation, pay their own bills, are responsible for their own practice and are taking lessons because they WANT to. How many times have you heard: “When I was 9 my parents let me quit piano and wish […]

Piano Teacher Challenge!

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How many of us practice every day? You know, like what we expect our piano students to do? If you need to bring back some discipline into your piano practice, join me! I will keep myself accountable by posting my progress every day.

Why students don’t practice

As I reviewed “The Practice Revolution” by Philip Johnston, I thought it would be a good idea to share his reasons of why students don’t practice. Check to see if any of theseculprits could be lurking around your home.