Smart Phones and Piano Lessons

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If you know me, you know I go EVERYWHERE with my smart phone.  It is the only way I know what I have to do next.  I might not always use it as a phone, you know, like for answering calls… but it has my calendar, schedule, emails, maps, camera, and files.  And then I […]

At The Seashore

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What a delightful resource Musikgarten has published! I have adapted this summer curriculum for 4 one-hour classes once a week in the month of July.  Ages in this summer’s class range from 4 to 7 and during our first class they connected very well.  Even though I have taught this curriculum several times, each time […]

Olympic Medals and Torch

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Planning. Start researching medals that you can use for awards at the end of your Summer Piano Olympics. Oriental Trading has some great options and chocolate coins are a yummy alternative. What about an Olympic Torch?  You definitely need a fiery object for your opening and closing ceremonies.  The one you see in the above photo was […]

Free eBook

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This summer I have been reading through Piano Pedagogy textbooks and cruising the online world in order to choose just the right book for a class I will be teaching in the Fall at SWAU.  This morning as I caught up on reading Susan Paradis‘  blog I found an incredible resource and must share! In […]

Musical Amnesia

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It happens every September. Sometimes even in late August. Piano lessons resume, students file into the studio and choose their keyboard.  You greet them happily and chit chat about how big they’ve grown and what grade they are now in. When all these pleasantries are done, you ask for keyboards to be turned on and “Let’s […]