Music and the Brain

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Music and the Brain

  It has been said that music is healthy for the brain, happiness for the soul and pleasure to the heart. Many of us have experienced how music affects our soul and heart but how does music affect the brain? Does classical music really help encourage infant development? How does musical training affect the brain […]

Music and “reading readiness”

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Enrolling in music lessons is not only for enrichment and enjoyment. Key pre-reading skills are supported in a good music class.

Instrument Play

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We play instruments each week in our Family Music classes, primarily because it’s fun! This is the time for getting to know the feel, and the sound of simple rhythm instruments, experimenting with different ways to play them.  Although I will give  examples of how to play the instruments, I do not expect everyone to […]

Music and Behavior

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Parents usually enroll their children in music class because of the musical benefits.  But have you ever taken the time to think about the neuroscience of music? Music, delivered in a thoughtful, useful, creative way will help your child make small changes in their behavior. In music class children can learn to relax and be calm. […]

British Isles Celebration

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Every year the Pre-piano 2 class enjoys the study of music around the world.  Our first unit introduced them to the music of the British Isles and ended with a delightful celebration. They each came dressed up as a king or queen and after singing dancing and playing the glockenspiel they enjoyed a tea party. […]