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Today we completed an awesome semester of music with toddlers! Every Thursday morning ten little ones brought their grown ups into the studio for 30 minutes of nursery rhymes set to music.  We danced, we hopped,  we went this-a-way and that-a-way…all day long!   Well, even if the class was not all day long, I […]

Today is the beginning of  Exercise with Your Child Week (Aug. 8 – 14) which reminds parents and guardians of the importance to exercise with their children as part of a healthier lifestyle.  And now that I have reminded you  about this, allow me to turn this into a call to practice piano with your […]

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If you know me, you know I go EVERYWHERE with my smart phone.  It is the only way I know what I have to do next.  I might not always use it as a phone, you know, like for answering calls… but it has my calendar, schedule, emails, maps, camera, and files.  And then I […]

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Smarter than the kid next door? NO.  Smarter than a year ago? YES. I remember way back in the 1990’s the “Mozart Effect” was all the rage.  I bought the book by Don Campbell. Parents of the children I was teaching bought the book. I recommended it to many. I was caught up in the […]

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Enrolling in music lessons is not only for enrichment and enjoyment. Key pre-reading skills are supported in a good music class.

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