Music. Experience it. Live it. Make it.

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Music. Experience it. Live it. Make it.

  This is what Dorla’s Piano Studio is all about.  Music. Sometimes we get bogged down by recital deadlines, practice requirements and performances, but when it comes down to the last line in the score, it’s all about the music. Experience it.  Of the many ways available to experience music, participating in a group is […]

No More Dead Composers!

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  This is was my motto for about a week. I was trying to find new repertoire to practice and thinking about an audience that would want to listen.  My audience (family, friends, students) seem quite young or not interested in Classical music. A few even believe Beethoven was just a dog in a movie […]

Intelligence and Music Lessons

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Music lessons at Dorla’s Piano Studio involve love of music, love of nature, composition and improvisation.  But did you know that improvisation requires a special kind of intelligence? First of all, what is improvisation? it is simply creating music “in the moment”, coming up with a new idea “right now”.  Some children are naturally creative […]

Comprehensive Musicianship at the Keyboard

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“The goal of [our group piano classes] is to lead children to true music literacy by means of a comprehensive musicianship course which holistically addresses both the child and the music.  Comprehensive musicianship denotes an appreciation of many facets of music – performance and improvisation (playing by ear, playing from memory, and playing from score); […]

Adult Piano Class completes Book 1

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 This has been a wonderful group of ladies to teach! Today was their 8th class and recital (with refreshments!) to bring book 1 to an end. Each of them prepared a solo and received a Piano Achievement Award for book 1. Five of them have already signed up to continue with book 2! Congratulations ladies!