Music and the Brain

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Music and the Brain

  It has been said that music is healthy for the brain, happiness for the soul and pleasure to the heart. Many of us have experienced how music affects our soul and heart but how does music affect the brain? Does classical music really help encourage infant development? How does musical training affect the brain […]

KiddyKeys for Special Needs

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I’ve written before about how much I enjoy the KiddyKeys curriculum as a Pre-piano course for preschoolers. Little did I know that I would also be successful using it for my precious niece, Isabel, in private piano lessons. Isabel has Down Syndrome and this is her first semester fully integrated into a regular Kindergarten classroom. I’ll be […]

Piano Camp: Put on a Show!

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Planning, preparing and executing a piano camp takes time but with careful planning it turns out to be a satisfying endeavor for the teacher and an exciting experience for the students! Beginning in January, I polled the parents to find out the interest level and available dates. Shortly after I began browsing the many resources available. The model […]

Group Piano Q & A

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Over the years parents have wonderered about group piano lessons. Here is a short FAQ page that may answer these questions. 1. When is the best age to enroll in group piano? For preschoolers group piano is a magical and playful way to discover the world of music. Likewise, elementary school age beginners and even those […]

Summer Piano – part 2

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  Read Part 1 here Today I share with you what other teachers have planned for their Summer Piano. Enjoy! An interview with Wendy Stevens about her Piano Camp A very interesting blog post and flyer. Want to create your own Piano Camp? Here are a few great ideas on Pinterest. Leila Viss has exciting […]