Olympic Medals and Torch


Start researching medals that you can use for awards at the end of your Summer Piano Olympics.
Oriental Trading has some great options and chocolate coins are a yummy alternative.

What about an Olympic Torch?  You definitely need a fiery object for your opening and closing ceremonies.  The one you see in the above photo was purchased here or you can just make your own.

The Summer Piano Olympics e-book will be coming out soon and you will find many more ideas for planning a successful event!  Start looking around for items around your house that you can tuck away for use during this big event (timer, extra markers, popular CD’s, etc.)


2 Replies to “Olympic Medals and Torch”

  1. Hello Dorla,
    I am planning a Piano Olympics summer camp for this upcoming summer (2012) and was wondering if your e-book was still available? I have a few ideas, but am definitely interested in some suggestions.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jenna,
      The Piano Olympics summer camp ebook will not be ready this year…sorry:( But check out what Music Matters blog has availablehttp://musicmattersblog.com/2008/08/13/go-for-the-gold/. I also sent you a private message with 2 resources that I have enjoyed.
      Good luck,

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